Healthcare: Quantum Dots for Biology

Latest Innovations

Long-Range Energy Transfer via Quenching Surfaces for the Detection of Biomolecular Binding and Un-Binding



This technology is a rapid, simple and sensitive method for detecting the binding or unbinding of biomolecules using a silicon wafer. It is a novel method...

A Simple Ultra-Stable Stage with Built-in Fiduciary Markers for Fluorescence Nanoscopy


An improved microscope stage mount with built-in fiduciary markers is used for fluorescence microscopy, and comprises: (a) an optically-transparent glass plate...

EAGER: Single Quantum Dots via 2 Photon Excitation


This invention uses established two-photon microscopy techniques in combination with quantum-dots. Additionally, a spatial light modulator (or hologram) is used to...

Lanthanide Chelate


Lanthanide chelates derived from diazacrown ethers having two ethyliminodiacetic acid side chains have increased ability to bind lanthanide ions.