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Innovation Celebration

Innovation Celebration is an annual University + community event that recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions, taken risks, and provided leadership to ensure the continuing economic success of Champaign County, the ongoing success of the University's economic development mission, and the growth of entrepreneurial talent and energy in our community.

The Office of Technology Management is proud to partner with the event organizers to offer 2 awards specific to the University community.

Innovation Transfer Award: 

Recognizes an individual or group from the University of Illinois whose research has resulted in either a discovery or a work with the potential for significant societal impact.

Alexis Wernsing Innovation Award:

Recognizes an individual or team from the University of Illinois that has channeled their experience living with a disability into positive change through the creation of new products, environments, or protocols that enhance quality of life.

We are proud to establish this award to honor the memory of Alexis Wernsing, an innovator in the creation of voice amplification systems for the disabled who passed away in 2015. It is her spirit of innovation in the service of others that we remember through this award.  

For more information about the event, please visit the main site at: 

Visit the subpage for 2016 awardees for this year's award recipients.