Method For Fabricating Complex Micro and Nanoscale Electronic Structures by Sub Pixel-voting Lithography and Devices Made by Same


This invention provides processing steps, methods and materials strategies for making patterns of structures for electronic, optical and optoelectronic devices. Processing methods of the present invention are capable of making micro- and nano-scale electronic structures, such as T-gates, gamma gates, and shifted T-gates, having a selected non-uniform cross-sectional geometry.

The technology provides lithographic processing strategies for sub-pixel patterning in a single layer of photoresist useful for making and integrating device components comprising dielectric, conducting, metal or semiconductor structures having non-uniform cross-sectional geometries. Processing methods of the present invention are complementary to conventional microfabrication and nanofabrication platforms, and can be effectively integrated into existing photolithographic, etching and thin film deposition patterning strategies, systems and infrastructure.