Suite of Bioresorbable and Transient Electronics

Transient electronic devices belong to a set of technologies, whereby traditional analog electronic circuits and components have been made in new ways. These new electronics exist on a much smaller scale and made of bioinert or biocompatible materials. They are flexible and transient. Transient and bioresorbable technologies are a class of device that have the ability to physically disappear at a programmed rate. Inventions within this suite includedevices and processes with applications rangingfrom medicine to construction, and from defense/securityto indoor/outdoor sensors. These technologies are appropriate for applications where device placement can be costly, invasive, or inconvenient to retrieve. 


  • Tunable to dissolve at programmed time
  • Bio-compatible
  • Soft, curvilinear surface
  • Transient battery
  • Materials: silicon, magnesium, magnesium oxide    


Electronics can now be implanted on surfaces with non-planar contact patches and non-invasive integration on soft, curvilinear surfaces of biological tissues and organs.

Application Areas

Remaking electronics with these capabilities permits for a plethora of new applications, in medicine, environmental research, biological enhancement, digital financial transactions and traceless surveillance.