Self-Aligning Mechanism for Uniaxial Tests at Micro-Nano Scale and Method for in situ Mechano-Electrical Measurements of Micro-Nano Scale Specimens


Current methods of performing tensile tests on micro-nano scale material samples have an inherent flaw, namely that true uniaxial loads are difficult to achieve. Part of this stems from the adaptation of macro-scale testing methods to the micro-nano scale, which has been shown to be inadequate. Accordingly, this technology seeks to achieve true uniaxial loads on micro-nano scale material samples to achieve more reliable test results.

The current technology is a new method for testing micro-nano scale material samples. It is designed to achieve true uniaxial loads on such materials in a manner different than a mere shrinking of macro-scale tests. The technology achieves this goal all while being able to take mechano-electrical measurements through the use of an SEM or TEM. Finally, the technology can also test material samples in harsh conditions.

The technology offers a new method of testing the tensile properties of materials. It offers more accurate and reliable test result compared with technologies which mimic macro-scale testing methods at the micro-nano scale. By employing a new method of testing, the technology can put a more truly uniaxial load on the material sample

The material for the testing stage additionally allows these tests to be performed under harsh conditions. For example, the stage and sample may be heated to ~1000_0 C and then tested to see how the material properties change under extreme temperatures.

Finally, the technology provides a material independent method. The sample material must be shaped in an appropriate manner for the testing environment; however, any material which can be shaped appropriately may be tested using the instant method.


  • Materials Testing: This technology is for testing the tensile and compression behavior of micro-nano scale materials.
  • MEMS Devices: This serves MEMS based devices well providing more accurate estimates of material behavior allowing for more accurate MEMS devices.


  • True Uniaxial Loads: Allows for improved consistency and accuracy of material test results.
  • Material Independent: The testing procedure and self-aligning mechanism are material independent allowing the same apparatus to test a variety of materials In situ
  • Testing in SEM or TEM: Allows mechano-electrical tests to be performed on the material sample at the same time as tensile strength tests.