Multiplexed Targeted Genome Engineering and Gene Activation



Dr. Pablo Perez-Pinera from the University of Illinois has developed a multiplexable and universal nuclease-assisted vector integration system for rapid generation of gene knock outs using selection that does not require customized targeting vectors, thereby minimizing the cost and time frame needed for gene editing. Importantly, this system is capable of remodeling native mammalian genomes through integration of DNA, up to 50 kb, enabling rapid generation and screening of multigene knockouts from a single transfection. Furthermore, this method facilitates activation of genes by introduction of specific promoters that allows for genomic scale activation screens. 


• Minimizes cost and time for gene editing
• Multigene knockouts can be rapidly generated
• Facile integration of large constructs up to 50 kb
• Introduces speci c promoters for genomic scale activation screens