Improved Ransomware Protection with the Ransomware-aware Solid-State Drive

Dr. Huang has developed RSSD, a ransomware-aware solid-state drive. This solid-state drive has been meticulously designed and tested to withstand 3 new types of ransomware attacks by transferring data to a cloud server through NVMe over Ethernet. RSSD faces no performance impacts and even allows for post-attack analysis to carefully identify the cause and methodology of any ransomware attacks faced by the RSSD. RSSD enhances security support from typical ransomware attacks which assume conventional SSDs perform like HDDs by preemptively protecting against 3 novel types of ransomware attacks designed by Dr. Huang. Furthermore, RSSD ensures that stale data is not discarded after a limited amount of time as current SSDs behave, instead opting to allocate the stale data to the cloud storage in a time-dependent order. This cloud storage effectively removes the limitation of storage on SSDs by providing a space to store an infinite amount of data. The NVMe over Ethernet is the novel design that serves to protect from ransomware attacks the transfer of data from the local SSD to the cloud storage.