Designer Estrogens with Decreased Cancer Risk



Dr. John Katzenellenbogen from the University of Illinois has designed Pathway preferential estrogens (PaPEs) that are novel synthetic compounds that structurally resemble the natural estrogen but with its reduced binding affinity, form ER-PaPE complex with a short lifetime of seconds. This short binding is sufficient to selectively activate the ER non-genomic pathway and not the ER genomic pathway. PaPEs are shown in animal models to promote health of metabolic tissues and vasculature; reduces body weight gain and fat accumulation after ovariectomy and accelerates repair of endothelial damage; no stimulation on breast and endometrial cancerous cells. 

Technology Benefits: 
• Selectively activates ER non-genomic pathway 
• Results in an enhancement of the repair of vascular injury, & prevents weight gain  
• No stimulation on breast and endometrial cancerous cells