Visualizations and Animations from the NCSA


A number of scientific animations have been developed by the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) under the direction of Professor Kalina Borkiewicz.  Examples of available animations include the Milky Way, black holes, tornado super-twisters, solar super-storms, and many more. AVL's animations are cinematic virtual tours through astrophysics, earth sciences, engineering, and other data domains. Their work has been shared through venues such as international digital-dome museum shows, high-definition documentary television programs, and IMAX movies.  Their work has also been featured in productions such as The Science of Interstellar documentary, The Tree of Life and Europa Report, and the Dynamic Earth IMAX show.  For more information, please visit the AVL website.

Available Licenses

NCSA AVL animations are available non-exclusively for commercial use under the two license agreements provided in the sidebar. Note that the financial terms, statement of attribution, and copyright notice need to be determined and finalized before the license is ready for execution.  Please contact OTM at or Professor Kalina Borkiewicz at

Commercial Use License Producer: a three-party license that is intended for use when an organization engages a separate producer or distributor.

Commercial Use License: a two party license that is between the University and an organization