Textureshop: Scratching a new surface in photo editing


Textureshop has created a new photo editing tool that combines existing techniques for shape-from-shading and texture synthesis to enable a user to texture objects in a photograph.

The Textureshop tool allows user to give an object in a photo the appearance of a different texture. Textureshop added more patch deformations than previous models. Instead of selecting patch-like areas directly from source texture, this program distorts the texture coordinate of each of the pixels in the patch with surface normal, and then samples it from texture, so that the texture fits on the underlying surface. 


  • Easier to use - Existing professional photography editing programs require a long time commitment and appreciable skill to edit a feature of a photo while keeping it on the surface of an object in a scene.
  • Operates on a single image - Methods previously employed to texture synthesis have used a series of images from different viewpoints.
  • This application avoids the need for reconstructing global 3-D mesh, and synthesizes the texture instead on a network of individually parameterized surface patches, designed to operate on a single image.