A Program to Optimize Ultraviolet Disinfection of Surfaces

COVID-19 has left high traffic businesses, such as hospitals, hotels, and transit authorities, with an urgent need for safe and efficient sanitation processes. UV light has been proven to remove COVID-19 from surfaces, but only with the correct dosage of UV. This technology provides a software program for UV robots to maximize efficiency and efficacy of UV robots. This software first performs a 3D mapping operation or a room, optimizing the path to maximize surface coverage. It then allocates dosage of UV light according to the path and areas in shadow. This technology significantly reduces human error in sanitation of rooms and surfaces, while still allowing for manual modification. The software is compatible with all UV sanitizing robots, requiring one-time customization for different robots. This technology could be used across the board, from arenas to schools. It is the first program of its kind that uses mapping to both optimize path planning and effectively assign dosage for shadowed or high touch areas to effectively eradicate COVID-19 and other viruses on surfaces.