SolvSEM: New Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries with Improved Performance and Processability

Prof. Andrew Gewirth from the University of Illinois has developed a new technology which improves the safety, stability and processability of solid state batteries. Commercial liquid electrolytes (LEs) pose a fire and explosion hazard in lithium metal batteries due to the possibility of thermal runaway reactions. Solid electrolytes (SEs) have become a practical option for lithium ion and lithium metal batteries due to their improved safety over commercially available ionic liquids. However, current SE technologies suffer from poor stability and are difficult to process. Prof. Gewirth’s invention enhances the ease of processability of electrolytes for lithium metal batteries, increases the mechanical stability of the electrolyte, reduces the overall cost of the cell, and reduces the overall cell resistance.

SolvSEM has a lower overall cell resistance than its bare pellet counterpart

Stable over 100 cycles | Current density x10 higher than pellet counterpart