SemiSynBio: An On-Chip Nanoscale Storage System Using Chimeric DNA

Dr. Milenkovic from the University of Illinois has developed an on-chip integrated nanosytem for writing, storage, access, and reading of large data volumes that utilizes inexpensive chimeric DNA, scalable grids of semiconductor nanotubes, and specialized nanopore sequencers.  Using an M13 template for ease-of-synthesis and modified DNA bases to expand the potential alphabet, this system of synthesis for DNA-based data storage is inexpensive and flexible. 

In addition, selectively addressable semiconductor nanotubes are incorporated into an on-chip nanopore sequencer enabling selective storage/querying/retrieval of information in DNA-based data storage. This development represents a significant advance towards end-to-end automation of DNA-based data storage.

Primary Application: Data Storage and Archiving

Benefit: Provides a mechanism for selective storage and reading of DNA library, basis for data storage architecture