A Semi-Automated Multi-Endpoint Reactive Oxygen Species Activity Analyzer (SAMERA) for measuring the Oxidative Potential of Ambient PM2.5 Aqueous Extracts

Dr. Vishal Verma from the University of Illinois has developed an instrument for the analysis of oxidative potential in PM2.5. This semi-automated instrument can analyze all five of most used endpoints (AA, DTT, GSH, OH radical generation) for a given sample in only 3 hours. Moreover, this instrument can yield the kinetic properties for antioxidant consumption and reactive oxygen species generation which typically can not be obtained otherwise. This technology will be of use to end users for analytical instrumentation in environmental testing applications such as regulatory laboratories, contract testing laboratories, municipal wastewater utilities, power generation utilities, pharmaceutical organizations, chemical and petrochemical companies, oil and gas companies, food manufacturers, academic and research institutions, among others.