Multi-View Wide-Baseline Stereo System

In accordance with one or more aspects of a match, expand, and filter technique for multi-view stereopsis, features across multiple images of an object are matched to obtain a sparse set of patches for the object. The sparse set of patches is expanded to obtain a dense set of patches for the object, and the dense set of patches is filtered to remove erroneous patches. Optionally, reconstructed patches can be converted into 3D mesh models.

From the project's website:

Patch-Based Multi-view Stereo Software (PMVS) is a multi-view stereo software that takes a set of images and camera parameters, then reconstructs 3D structure of an object or a scene visible in the images. Only rigid structure is reconstructed, in other words, the software automatically ignores non-rigid objects such as pedestrians in front of a building. The software outputs a set of oriented points instead of a polygonal (or a mesh) model, where both the 3D coordinate and the surface normal are estimated at each oriented point.