Graphics & Tools from the NCSA's Advanced Visualization Laboratory


The Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) creates high-fidelity, data-driven scientific visualizations in 3D.

These visualizations provide insight into computational science - a key method of contemporary science - since they are based on super-computer generated models of scientific theories about natural phenomenon that are so advanced they could not be brought to the public in any other way. AVL shares its work with the work through shows featured in digital full-dome plaetariums, IMAX Theaters, and documentary television.

For more information about specific visualzations available, please visit:

Tools developed at the AVSL include:

Maya Data Tools for Visualization (mdvt) link:

Researchers at the AVSL have developed a software plugin for vMaya to help perform a variety of scientific visualization tasks. vMaya is software that enables native display of 3D animated content created in Autodesk's Maya software.