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Physical Science

Autonomic Materials

Developing self-healing technologies that extend the lifetime of coatings. 

Eden Park Illumination

Commercializing Microcavity Plamsa "microplasma" lighting technology.


Particle-free metal complex inks based on silver, gold, platinum, nickel and others.

Inspirit IoT

Low-latency, high-throughput vision analytics.


Increasing the computational efficiency of image construction in CT, PET, SPECT, and MRI.


Manage construction projects remotely, monitor quality, and mitigate risk.

Transportation Engineering Solutions and Technologies (TEST)

Specialized, practical tools for transportation sustainability and provides expert consulting services.

X-CelePrint, Ltd.

A cost-effective and scalable manufacturing platform for integrating microscale devices such as lasers, LEDs or integrated circuits onto non-native substrates. 

Xerion Battery Corp

Manufacturer of high-energy, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries.