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Energy & Environment

Applied Geo-Imaging Solutions

Training and consultation on how to use remote sensing technologies to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination. Founded by Christopher Stohr, formerly with the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Catlin, IL
Dioxide Materials

Develops and licenses new technology for CO2 remediation.

Boca Raton, FL
EP Purification

Manufacturing environmentally sound systems for the purification of air and water.

Champaign, IL
Maize Processing Innovators (MPI)

The exclusive marketer of the patented wet fraction process, known as Quick Germ / Quick Fiber (QQ), that can be added to any dry grind ethanol plant to enhance coproduct value and improve overall fermentation and energy efficiency. 

Champaign, IL
Snapshot Energy

Explores ways to reuse waste-water for biomas production to create crude oil.

Champaign, IL