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Ready-To-Sign Non-Exclusive Patent License Information

Welcome to the University of Illinois Ready-to-Sign licensing program

The goal of this program is to facilitate rapid licensing and the transfer of University intellectual property. Standard terms and conditions have already been determined for each of these technologies, as represented in the linked agreements which are are "ready-to-sign." The terms reflected in Ready-to-Sign (RtS) agreements are only available to qualified parties who complete the required information, sign, and return the agreement without modification to the Office of Technology Management (“OTM”). Information on how to enter into an RtS license agreement is in the instructions below.  When necessary, additional instructions are provided with the license.  

Encouraging Economic Development in Illinois

For licenses to patented technologies, if you will be developing or producing products in Illinois, we will waive the license fee that is due at the effective date. The products must be based on technology licensed from the University under this program. To qualify, on Part 1 of the license indicate the Illinois address where you will be developing or making these products.

Steps to Complete a Ready to Sign License 

Our RtS license agreements include non-negotiable, standard terms and conditions. In order to enter into an RtS license agreement and to potentially receive rights to use the intellectual property described in the license, please follow these steps. 

  1. Download the license agreement by clicking below
  2. Check the agreement for any special instructions, which would be on the cover page.
  3. Print a copy of the RtS license agreement and complete the required information.
  4. Do not alter or write in any other area of the agreement.
  5. Sign the completed RtS license agreement (the signature must be that of an authorized signatory).  The OTM does not accept digital signatures but does accept scanned wet-ink signatures in PDF format.
  6. Email the scanned signed copy of the RtS license agreement and any other required documentation to (subject line: Ready-to-Sign), or send the signed original RtS license agreement to the following address:
                Office of Technology Management
                University of Illinois
               319 Ceramics Building, MC-243
               105 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801
               Attention: Director

OTM will review the license, and then sign it or contact you. If signed by the University, a fully executed copy of the RtS license agreement will be returned to you using the contact information you provided in the agreement. OTM will additionally invoice you for any fees due.  Upon OTM’s receipt of the applicable fee, any tangible property associated with the agreement or access to software, will be provided to you.

If you have any questions concerning these instructions, please contact or call (217) 333-7862. 


Thank you for your interest in licensing University of Illinois technologies.