WaveTracker 3D: Speed and Accuracy in Detonation Shock Wave Modeling


Accurately modeling detonation shock fronts is a critical challenge for explosive engineers in aerospace, defense, mining, drilling, and demolition. Currently available level set-based models use a computationally intensive process to model every point on a defined plane, resulting in extreme accuracy at speeds so slow that many users never run high resolution models at all. Particle-based models run more quickly, but are difficult to implement and likely to miss splits and merges in the wave front.

WaveTracker3D is the first turnkey software application built specifically for explosive engineering models. It implements a new hybrid method to provide accurate detonation shock wave models within practical time limits.

This Detonation Shock Dynamics(DSD) model provides level set accuracy with times comparable to particle-based models, so researchers no longer have to choose between precision and speed. The novel hybrid algorithm calculates level set points only in regions near the physical shock surface, using particle representation to interpolate onto the rest of the underlying grid. This dramatically reduces the computational intensity of the modeling process, and the resultant processing time, without a meaningful reduction in the precision of the model.


WaveTracker 3D can be used for precision explosive design applications in

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Mining
  • Oil Drilling
  • Demolition

Explosion protection design


  • Software created specifically for explosive engineers
  • Models detonation shock fronts accurately in a fraction of the time used by the unbanded level set method
  • Runson Windows and Unix-based systems
  • Outputs time of arrival data for built-in visualization with OpenGL or external visualization software
  • Includes user manual and worked examples for rapid familiarization