Tri-Directional Repulsive Magnetic Force Generator 

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is seeking collaborators for an improved Halbach Array MagLev that is simple to operate, track-guided, and cost-effective. 

 The improved MagLev uses two separate sets of Halbach arrays in each wheel. it creates both levitation and propulsion forces that allow the vehicle to levitate, self-center, and propel itself along an aluminum rail. When realized, it will fewer axes of motion compared to current technologies and yet offers improved performance when turning. This generator is easy to operate, powered by simple DC motor, and can be incorporated into MagLev transportation infrastructures. 

 The simple rotation of the two arrays causes both levitation and translation. The inverted "T" track is made entirely from aluminum, with the vertical portion acting in concert with the magnetic arrays to create the translational force. Additionally, when the track curves, the forces work in favor of turning and do not require additional inputs. This innovation is simple and cost-effective to implement.