A System and Method to Integrate Adsorption, Steady-State Electrothermal Desorption, and Subsequent Destruction of Air Pollutants

A preferred embodiment steady state tracking desorption system achieves steady tracking of either a fixed sorbate output set point, or a set point that changes over time. The system includes an electrically heated thermal adsorption/desorption device A temperature sensor senses the temperature of an adsorbent material within the adsorption/desorption device. A sorbate sensor senses a sorbate level from an outlet of the adsorption/desorption device. A power sensor senses the power supplied by the desorption device. A controller interprets levels sensed by the temperature sensor, the sorbate sensor and the power sensor and provides a signal to achieve steady set point tracking of a sorbate level from the outlet of the adsorption/desorption device.

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