Mobius: Systems Modeling Software


Möbius is a multi-solution software package for model-based evaluation of systems represented in a variety of supported modeling languages including stochastic activity networks (SANs), buckets and balls and PEPA.  The tool provides a Java based graphical user interface that allows for easy specification of the desired models and parameters for the various solution techniques. 

Mobius is a software tool for modeling the behavior of complex systems. Mobius supports the validation of systems in multiple application domains, including:

  • Information Technology Systems and Networks
  • Wired and Wireless Telecommunication Software and Hardware Systems 
  • Aerospace and Aeronautical Systems 
  • Commercial and Government Secure Information Systems and Networks 
  • Biological Systems with respect to multiple system properties, including reliability, availability, security, and performance

Originally developed for studying the reliability, availability, and performance of computer and network systems, its use has expanded to include a broad range of discrete-event systems from biochemical reactions within genes to the effects of malicious attacks on secure computer systems. The flexibility and power found in Mobius come from its support of multiple high-level modeling formalisms and solution techniques.

This flexibility allows engineers and scientists to represent their systems in modeling languages appropriate to their problem domains, and then accurately and efficiently solve the systems using the solution techniques best suited to the systems' size and complexity. Time and space efficient discrete-event simulation and numerical solution, based on compact MDD-based Morkov processes, are both supported. 

Möbius software in binary format is available under several license agreements, depending on intended use and the licensee, as specified below. 

For commercial use, please download the appropriate license (in the sidebar) and then contact OTM at or Professor William Sanders at to discuss the financial terms. 

For non-commercial use, the software is available under one of the ready-to-sign click-through agreements on the Möbius website.  Evaluation, academic, or student licenses are available. Visit Möbius to create an account by entering required information and selecting the license category of interest. The Möbius team may need to contact you before granting you access to the software.