A Method for Quantifying Polyphosphate in Biological Samples

Dr. Jim Morrissey from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has developed a microplate-based assay that allows identification and quantification of polyP in liquid biological samples such as plasma or serum. PolyP is a potent procoagulant molecule that plays a role in the pathophysiology of many procoagulant and inflammatory diseases. Currently available methods to quantify polyP are difficult and extremely laborious, severely limiting their use in clinical studies. By using the strong interaction between polyethylenimine (PE) and polyP, the assay allows high- throughput quantification of medium and long-chain polyP in the low nM range, and shorter (platelet-size) polyP in the high nM range. 


  • Rapid quanti cation of polyP in biological samples

  • High-throughput assay adaptable to both laboratory analysis and diagnostics¬†