Software Licensing

The Office of Technology Management assists inventors and authors in determining the appropriate strategy for distributing software and other copyrighted material owned by the University. The distribution of work by the University for software can fall into the following general categories: 

Startup Licensing

Creators interested to commercialize the work on their own via a startup company.  In this scenario, the creators should submit a copyright disclosure to the OTM.  After review, we will meet to talk through the vision and goals of the startup company and begin to craft the terms and conditions of a startup license.

Traditional Licensing

Traditional commercial licensing by the University can be done directly to end users or through a direct licensee who would then sell a product based on Illinois technology to end users. Licenses and payment forms vary but it's safe to say we are flexible can will generally either be on a fixed fee basis (one-time or annual) or on a royalty basis. OTM maintains a variety of commercial software license templates as well as an Evaluation License that is used in circumstances where a firm wishes to try before they license the software. 

Open Source Licensing and Publication

The University of Illinois also supports open source licensing and publication of university-owned software.  We assist creators in determining the best open source license to use.

Dual Licensing

With dual licensing, a software program can be made available under dual licensing schemes. For example, software can be made available at no cost under a research use license terms that allow third parties to study the software and use it for research and teaching purposes. Restrictions are made on commercial use and/or distribution. At the same time, the same software can be licensed for commercial use.

Deal Terms

Whether you are an inventor or someone looking to license our work, it’s important to understand what deal terms are eventually going to be on the table.  This section outlines the main terms that any license will have to address. Learn more