Faculty Services

When intellectual property (IP) is created, the OTM works with the creators/inventors to properly identify and disclose it. When the IP disclosure is received by OTM, the office ensures that the University fulfills its contractual obligations to all research sponsors involved.

The OTM then provides commercialization services for IP that include:

  • Technology evaluation
  • IP protection
  • Marketing
  • Licensing

Policies and procedures development and education

In addition to the negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements, the OTM provides information, guidance, and education regarding patent, copyright, and trademark law, as well as University policies, procedures, and related intellectual property issues.

The OTM participates in the development and clarification of institutional intellectual property policies that address issues related to the University's research and technology commercialization activities. Examples include:

  • Creation of guidelines for licensing and acceptance of equity
  • Responding to faculty initiatives to establish start-up companies to commercialize University-owned IP, clarifying issues related to ownership and license rights for software-based Web tools and course materials

Marketing and commercialization efforts

The OTM continuously works on new marketing strategies that increase industry awareness of the University's technologies. These strategies incorporate:

  • Identification of and direct contact with potential licensees
  • Promotion at professional meetings and trade shows
  • Frequent updates to and promotion of the OTM Web site
  • Publication of newsletters
  • Placement of articles about available technologies in the press