Fiscal 2012 Annual Report



The Office of Technology Management are proud to report on the successes and activities of fiscal year 2012. The Offices' accomplishments are a direct result of the stellar faculty and research at the University of Illinois.

Our mission is to encourage innovation, enhance research and facilitate economic development through the effective management, transfer, and commercialization of UI technologies and intellectual property. Our focus is on ensuring the results of the outstanding research at UI are successfully transferred outside the University to drive economic growth in the State of Illinois and benefit the general public. 

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of technology management and commercialization and we thank everyone who has participated in the technology transfer process. We look forward to continued success in FY2013.

Full Report: fiscal-2012-annual-web.pdf

Fiscal 2012 Summary

Disclosures: 223

U.S. Patent Applications Filed: 194

U.S. Patents Issued: 76

Licenses & Options: 46

Start-Ups: 5


Top Royalty Generating Technologies

Deuterium Passivation: used in semiconductor devices, the technology provides a solution to hot carrier effects, which are known to cause problems with device reliability.

Native Oxide: a semiconductor technology used in laser printers, fiber optic communications, microelectronic devices
and more.

Transfer Printing: a micro-transfer printing technology that enables small solar cells to create high efficiency solar modules. 


Snapshot Energy

Snapshot Energy explores ways to reuse wastewater for biomass production to create crude oil. Founded by Lance Schideman of the College of Engineering and the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, the company is located in EnterpriseWorks.


Spectrophotometry (and, eventually, fluorimetry) in the palm of your hand. SpectroClick combines smart software and inexpensive, but ergonomic, hardware to make portable spectroscopic appliances for just about anyone. Co-founded by Alexander Scheeline from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the company is located in Champaign, IL. 


Valkyrie Computer Systems is building mobile web browsers and operating systems for mobile devices. The company's innovative technology is able to increase the efficiency of mobile hardware. Valkyrie's current products include the Adrenaline web browser. Founded by Samuel King from the College of Engineering, the company is currently located in EnterpriseWorks.

Vanquish Oncology

Vanquish Oncology is a drug developmental program focused on targeting molecular defects in specific cancer cells to create personalized oncological therapeutics for unmet or underserved cancer markets. The company focuses on small molecular compounds which target cell apoptosis (cell death) across multiple tumor types. The compounds were developed by Paul Hergenrother from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and the company is currently located in San Ramon, CA. 

Williamsfield Seed Company

Williamsfield Seed Company, located in Illinois, offers the farming industry wholesale varieties of conventional soybeans and promotes Illinois non-GMO soybean varieties. They have licensed soybean lines developed by Brian Diers of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.