Lesley Millar-Nicholson Leaving OTM

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Lesley Millar-Nicholson, director of the Office of Technology Management (OTM), will be leaving the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) effective July 10, 2016.  Ms. Millar-Nicholson has been appointed director of the MIT Technology Licensing Office.

During her tenure, the OTM launched several major initiatives aimed at facilitating the transfer of University innovations. OTM-managed proof-of-concept funding programs have leveraged $1.08 million in funding into $49 million in venture capital and angel support for resulting start-ups. Share the Vision, a biennial innovation and start-up showcase, has grown into a signature campus event attracting attendees from across the country and leading to new opportunities for faculty participants. A new ready-to-sign licensing program will feature pre-determined terms for more than 120 technologies and offer special consideration to Illinois companies.

In her ten years as Director, the Office of Technology Management executed more than 420 licenses & options, including 67 licenses to start-up companies founded on University intellectual property (IP). In that same time period, the Office received 1,991 new invention disclosures, and 583 U.S. patents issued. University intellectual property generated more than $55 million in revenue.  Since 2005, the Office has seen a fourfold increase in patent expense reimbursements.

In addition to licenses and options, the OTM in collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs handles hundreds of IP agreements annually that help enable research collaborations and lay the groundwork for future technology transfer activity. Of note, Ms. Millar-Nicholson was co-chair of the IP management committee that negotiated IP terms and an IP management plan for the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute proposal, a groundbreaking collaboration between industry and universities that received more than $70 million in Federal funding.

Ms. Millar-Nicholson is President-Elect of the Board of Governors of Certified Licensing Professionals Inc. and a member of the Board of Managers of Illinois Ventures LLC.   A native of Scotland, Ms. Millar-Nicholson has a B.Ed. an M.Ed and an MBA.

Nate Hoffmann will serve as interim director.