Hoffmann named interim director

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Nathan Hoffmann will serve as the interim director for the Office of Technology Management effective July 11, 2016, succeeding Lesley Millar-Nicholson.

Hoffmann joined the office as a technology manager in 2008, taking on the responsibilities of assistant director in 2013, and more recently, associate director.  He manages a portfolio of engineering technologies, with a focus on material science. Included in his portfolio are the innovations emerging from the Rogers research group, which have spun out four new ventures.

Prior to joining the Office of Technology Management, Hoffmann was a training specialist in the Cybersecurity Directorate at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). He is a United States Navy Veteran and served as a Nuclear Submarine Warfare Officer for seven years.

Hoffmann is a member of the Association of University Technology Managers and the Licensing Executives Society.  He has spoken at professional meetings and has served on special committees focused on improving the efficiency of transactions across academic institutions.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MS in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering, and an MBA, all from the University of Illinois.

The Office of Technology Management (OTM) is responsible for managing the intellectual property generated by research and educational activities at the University.  OTM staff identify, protect, and license the University’s intellectual property.

In the last ten years, the Office of Technology Management has executed more than 420 licenses & options, including 67 licenses to start-up companies founded on University intellectual property (IP). In that same time period, the Office received 1,991 new invention disclosures, and 583 U.S. patents issued. University intellectual property generated more than $55 million in revenue. Recent initiatives include the Illinois Proof-of-Concept and Ready-to-Sign programs.