Information Technologies

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Aqueous Solutions

Uses a set of software tools for solving water quality problems, including those encountered in environmental protection and remediation, the petroleum industry, and mine wastewater planning.

Champaign, IL
Armored Computing

Provides low-cost, scalable software solutions to build and evaluate high-availability applications and systems.

Champaign, IL

Providing real-time football video analytics to assist coaches. Developed by Shaunak Ahuja and based on technology developed at the University’s Advanced Digital Sciences Center in Singapore, AutoScout is headquartered in the EnterpriseWorks incubator. 

Champaign, IL
Charmworks, Inc.

Creates robust versions of the University's software that helps programmers write science and engineering applications for powerful computers.

Embedor Technologies

Monitoring the structural condition of civil infrastructure through the use of wireless sensors. Founded by Gul Agha, Bill Spencer and Kirill Mechitov from the College of Engineering. The company is located in the EnterpriseWorks incubator. 

Champaign, IL
eText, Inc.

Delivers textbooks and classroom materials with multimedia, notes, and assignments directly embedded. 

Champaign, IL
HDF Group

Ensures the sustainable development of HDF technologies and the ongoing accessibility of HDF-stored data.

Champaign, IL
Illiac Software, Inc.

Offering the Harmonia software, which aims to replace paper-based music theory with enriched PDF documents that allow content to be created, edited, searched, annotated, automatically analyzed, and automatically graded.

Champaign, IL

Provides knowledge, analysis, measurement, and consulting services for safety and risk management, and performance understanding in high reliability organizations.

Champaign, IL

Delivers actionable intelligence from aerial data for quick decision making in mission-critical applications.

Champaign, IL

Licensed a University technology that provides a simple way to create web versions of Microsoft Office documents that are more accessible and useable by everyone, including people with disabilities.

Champaign, IL
Multicoreware, Inc.

A software and systems integration solutions company that provides heterogeneous multicore solutions for high performance computing applications.

Urbana, IL
Network Perception

Developing and launching firewall analysis technology for critical infrastructures.

Champaign, IL
Pattern Insight

Brings powerful data mining technology to the advanced, real-time analysis of source code, changing how software-intensive products are developed, tested and supported.

San Diego, CA
Personify, Inc.

Provides customers with presence through a virtual green-screen during video chats, where they can chat with friends in virtual space complete with interesting backgrounds.

Champaign, IL

Uses a protein identification software system called ProSight PC, which allows identification and characterization of intact proteins and their post-translational modifications using the method of top-down sequencing.


Building a platform for gesture recognition and control using software that integrates with any motion-sensing device to learn, track, and analyze gestures.

Champaign, IL
Runtime Verification

A computing system analysis and execution approach based on extracting information from a running system and using it to detect and possibly react to observed behaviors satisfying or violating certain properties. 

Champaign, IL
SFM Technology, Inc.

A software development and engineering services company, providing products and services to enable scalable flexible manufacturing.

Urbana, IL

Allows users to share content from anywhere to anyone, while simultaneously enabling publishers and advertisers to tape the value of sharing.

Palo Alto, CA

A licensed internet search technology.

San Francisco, CA
Text-IE, Inc

Currently developing products and solutions that leverage the founders' expertise in the areas of machine learning, natural language processing, information extraction, and text mining. 

Champaign, IL
Veriflow Systems

Developing a new approach to realize highly secure and dependable computer networks.

Champaign, IL
WayMark Systems

Facilitating stakeholder alignment in complex systems. The company is located in the EnterpriseWorks incubator. 

Champaign, IL