Startup Illinois: A New Resource for Illinois Entrepreneurs

On May 20, 2011, entrepreneurs from across Illinois gathered to launch “Startup Illinois,” a branch of the Startup America Partnership.

Startup Illinois enables mentors, funders, major corporations, service providers and state government organizations to collaborate to help entrepreneurs start and scale new companies in the state. Startup Illinois doesn’t fund new businesses; rather it links them to established advisors and organizations. Startup Illinois is focused on helping young companies with high growth potential.

 The people behind Startup Illinois believe that our state is poised to take a  leadership position in building and launching the new businesses that will  drive the economic future of our country.

 Kristy Kuzmuk, Ph.D., MBA, Director of Research Operations in the University  of Illinois Office of the Vice President for Research, attended the inaugural  event, and she believes that everyone who attended thinks that Illinois has  what it takes to become the next great startup hub.

 “We have so many talented people here in Illinois,” said Dr. Kuzmuk. “And  it’s clear that our state is easily capable of being the next Silicon Valley or  Boston, in terms of number of successful startups.”

Excitement was in the air, she added. “Entrepreneurs from all over the state  were there as well as the Governor and many other influential people.”

Driven by the Illinois Innovation Network, Startup Illinois is leveraging the  best practices and national network of the Startup America Partnership, which  celebrates and accelerates entrepreneurship across the country, and  combining them with our growing state network to give Illinois entrepreneurs  access to invaluable resources.

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Posted June 10, 2011